Increasing the profitability of your restaurant

dineflow offers a framework for restaurant automation
A solution to give restaurants their own communication and sales app
with an objective to drive sale, reduce costs and build loyalty.


Drive Sales

Traditional waiter or bar service causes significant waiting time for the guests both before they can place their order and during the payment process. During this time a table is in use, but not working efficiently and not earning you as much as it could. 

Reduce costs

Staff are an important part of the total customer experience. Time taken on activities that can be automated is customer facing time wasted. The app helps pubs and restaurants increase the positive interaction between staff and customer, by automating routine activities.

Build Loyalty

Customers who have good experiences tend to share their experiences with others. Satisfied customers are profitable customers. It is more expensive to get new customers than to retain old.
In addition, the app gives you a way of communicating with your loyal customers and give them special personalised offers from time to time.

Our Customers

sports bar, pubs, cafes and coffee shops, restaurants, pizzerias, casual dining 


John Scott's



Simple and efficient…

A proven framework helps your customers get what they want efficiently.


1. Select location

2. Select service

3. Select food & drink

4. Pay fast & secure

Full control

With our back-office you get full control when products and offers are shown in the app

•   Overview
•   Product names
•   Product description
•   Dynamic prices
•   Product add-ons, removals or changes
•   Opening and availability hours
•   Categories and sub categories


The dineflow solution


Home delivery

At the table

A white labelled solution – you have your own app

  • Efficient restaurant automation - reduce staff cost while helping you to give better service experience
  • Higher throughput - service time/customer will reduce
  • Low cost – monthly service charge and transaction fee facility
  • No need for POS-integration 

Existing Services

  • Push notifications and communication
  • POS integration with Trivec
  • Eat here with/without table delivery
  • Take-away 
  • Home delivery 
  • Special lunch workflow

If you use Trivec-POS, then you are almost there.

Our solution is integrated with Trivec Domino

Contact us and start using dineflow.